Rainy Day Tasks

Since Houston is flooded and we are advised to stay indoors until further notice I decided to make a list of things you could do if you can. Since it’s just me and Sinatra I found these 10 things can pass some time.

  1. Clean your home-Since I have not stuck to my cleaning schedule for the last few days I decided to deep clean and catch up on around the house task. Such as cleaning out my pantry, closets, cleaning the baseboards, dust the ceiling fan and laundry.
  2. Meal planning and cooking– I went to central market before the weather made a turn for the worst and picked up a few things to make garlic chicken with , ciabatta rolls, shallots and thyme . I also planned my meals for next week so when I go grocery shopping I already know what I am buying and how much money I will be spending. Side not: I should of grabbed that Tomato basil soup I saw.
  3. Bake something good– I baked mini double chocolate pound cakes for us to enjoy once everyone had had dinner and settled in.
  4. Get ahead on work– I have some events coming up this fall and holiday season so today I will make the flyers, create a content calendar and write my outlines for my videos.
  5. Do some reading– I am currently working on a book so I will most likely read it starting from the beginning and do some editing. I will also do my bible study and read up on some topics I’ve been meaning to read up on.
  6. Find a good movie– I have Netflix so when I finish up all the important stuff I will sit down and see what’s good. If you have any suggestions let me know!
  7. Do some writing– I wrote in my journal this morning after prayer and it really helps when you can release your thoughts on paper.
  8. Break out the fall decor– If you haven’t started already decorate for the fall season! I still haven’t done it yet but plan on doing some light shopping after the weather get’s better. Let’s bring in the cool air!
  9. Do some life planning– Since you are at home go ahead do some planning ahead for you finances, start planning holiday travels and meals or just do some soul searching.
  10. Get some good sleep– If you just do not want to do anything or you are all caught up get some sleep boo! We do not get enough sleep these days and today of all days will be a good time to catch up on it.

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