Chunky Knit Blanket

Last week I decided to make my very own chunky knit blanket after seeing some in Pier one Imports. Most chunky knit blankets are made with a wool substitute but the best material is mirano wool. You can purchase mirano wool by the pound and it is expensive but worth it. For my blanket I used a wool substitute from Michaels called Free Spirit by Loops and Threads. Michaels stopped carrying the yarn because the price became 90% off!

At Micheals picking up the yarn
The exact colors I used

Here is a video of the very beginning of me knitting. You are seeing the lengh of the blanket. Now I ended up doing 52 stitches across instead of the 20 so my blanket turned into a body scarf.

Blending the two yarns together so it will be seamless.

So I continued on knitting and it took about 3 hours to complete with 1 break in between. I literally save a few hundred dollars by making my own blanket. I have seen for the chunky knit blanket like mine as low as $150 but as high as $500! I made mine for $45 and 3 hours of my time and it was well wroth it!

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