My Week: Pretty solid.

Getting organize and staying organize is one of my biggest problems especially after becoming a mother. I use my Google calendar to keep me and my family organized as best as I can and obviously things do change but in this blog post I will show you what a typical week looks like in the Parker’s home.

I actually work on a A & B block schedule which A block is what you are looking at and that is when Jeremy is off work . B block is when he is at work and you will see that in the next picture. Below is what today looks like for us as of right now. When Jeremy is off work my days are easier because he watches Sinatra and I can get little task like doing this blog post done.

A- block timeline

Morning – 5 am to 11 am

  • 5 am I wake up meditate, pray, look over my calendar for the day and I would finish up around 5:30 am. Then I would go make coffee, put up dishes and start a load of laundry if needed.
  • 6 am I do my first blog post for my personal blog and it normally takes about an hour to type it out, edit and make sure it overall flows good for the reader, so I am done by 7 am. Once finish with my blog post I go straight into Koutour content calendar. TODAY though I just prepared my content calendar for my personal blog and koutour for the week that is why you do not see it on today’s schedule
  • 8 am I would start fixing breakfast and we would eat and peddle around until about 10 am and then Jeremy gets ready for work. I drop him off and Sinatra and I go home or run errands. TODAY though Jeremy is off so he didn’t go to work, I didn’t fix breakfast because I made pumpkin bread last night. So the time I would be dropping him off at work I will go do DOOR Dash or Post mates and make some extra money for everyday cash.

Mid days- 12am to 2pm

  • 1 pm to 2 pm I do my cleaning tasks, Sinatra naps or just plays depending on how he feels lol. I try to squeeze in anything that comes up such as muffin or coffee orders, phone calls for Koutour, I would go to the grocery store if needed or Netflix if there isn’t anything to do. TODAY though there is nothing today and Jeremy is off so we will just chill.

Side note: I set timers for myself so that I will not get “lost” doing a task and stick on schedule.

This is what the rest of our week look likes and later I will show you more what our family outings or entertainment schedule looks like because our outings are in this the week. Also, the rest of the week is a B- block schedule because Jeremy is at work for the rest of the week. I will also do more of a detail cleaning schedule for those of you who want to know what I do on the daily and monthly. When I do not have anything “Scheduled” I tend to use that time to spend with Sinatra, do arts and craft which you will see this month or I would catch up or get ahead on work.

Well this is a snapshot of what a regular week looks like in my house and I will go into details later in another post about some of the categories. I hope this helps someone!

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